This is Mandalia

Our goal is to heal and empower women to see clearly that how we bring our children into the world not just impacts the rest of their life but the health of future generations, our entire society and mother earth.

Pregnant woman
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Pregnant woman

The Mandalia Method

We have studied and worked with revered experts around femininity, fertility, pregnancy and birth. Together we have created a method to interconnect mind, body, spirit and earth bridging indigenous wisdom and cutting-edge science. When these four realms can be perceived and balanced in our lives, we bring ourselves into a balanced state of physical and mental health and can thus lead a life in abundance, for the benefit of all and in harmony with a sustainable world.

Meet our Team

team members
Tanja-Juana Wenzel
As systemic coach & trainer, hypnotherapist and doula, Tanja-Juana accompanies men and women on their healing journey for 10+ years. Called through her own story of adoption and being separated from her indiginous culture she dedicated her life to work with people to reconnect them to their true essence.
team members
Sarah-Jane St Clair
Australian-born systemic-coach & trainer, actress Sarah-Jane has been coaching women for 5+ years with a systemic approach and hypnotherapy. After suffering from postnatal depression herself she is committed to guide women to truly heal and become empowered as mothers.
team members
Alexandra Böhmer
As an entrepreneur and coach, Alexandra focuses on building a sustainable company. The sudden loss of her youngest brother showed her the need for safe healing spaces and community. She commits to enable others to get the help she herself would have needed.
team members
Georg Wall
As serial founder, incubator and seed investor, Georg is fascinated by Mandalia’s mission. Shaped by his own family system and his business experiences, he is convinced that Mandalia’s purpose is of utmost importance for a healthy society and is proud to be part of this movement.

Our Beliefs

"We believe in people and their abilities to transform; we believe that healing is possible when the appropriate space is created for it. We have confidence to bring new, sustainable concepts to the world. We believe that concepts are not everything. We believe that "now" is always the right time and we believe that everyone can shape the "now". We know that we do not know everything - and we know that we know enough to be part of a change. We believe that there is the possibility of a peaceful world and we believe that peace begins in our own hearts. We believe that the time of doing it alone is over and that it is time to connect to others because together we are creating the new tomorrow. We believe that every child born brings new potential for a sustainable world."

- Mandalia

pregnant woman
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